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Achieve your “impossible” goal
while absolutely loving the journey!

Apply for your free 50 minutes Discovery Session with me here:

Do you have a goal, a dream, a vision so big, so bold that it at times seems (nearly) impossible to achieve?
Are you committed to giving it your very best shot?
Are you willing to become who you need to be in order to make it your reality?

If you answered YES!!! to all these questions, keep reading. I have another one for you:
Did you also tell yourself: “I’m ready to do whatever it takes! I’m prepared for any sacrifices. I’ll push forward until I get there!”?

If so:
Do you realize that there is another, better way of achieving your goals? A way that instead of blood, sweat and tears gives you thrills of joy every single day? A way that feels like an amazing adventure, like living your dream already? And what if I told you that this way brings you to where you want to be easier and faster than any other?
Would you believe me? Are you curious? Would you like to explore it?

This is the way I want to show you.

This is the FIVE STAR JOURNEY (in the exclusive brand font).

Here is where you can get your “Ticket to Ride”:

The route of Five Star Journey:

1. Discovery Call

This is our first deep conversation that allows us to get to know each other, discover what you want, what you need and how I can facilitate your achievement process in the most powerful way. Based on what we discover, we decide if we want to go on this journey together.

2. Goal Setting

Forget so called SMART goals for a moment. I’m interested in your “Impossible Goal”!
I don’t care how “Realistic, Attainable or Achievable” it might or might not seem or what Time you would give yourself to achieve it. Instead I want to know what your soul truly, madly, deeply desires.

This is where we begin. We explore YOU. We explore the “Impossible Goal” you have come to me with. We explore your current world and the world you want to create. We explore if and how it’s all aligned.

Only then are you ready to give your goal a more tangible, measurable form.

Finally: You set feel goals for the journey itself. You define not only your destination, but what experience you want to have while being on your way there. It will be crucial for our next step.

3. Designing Your Strategy

Many roads lead to Rome. Let’s choose the most exciting one for you, shall we? 

You brainstorm and research possible paths to your goal. Then you design the one that FEELS best to you. (and that it’s easiest to you too)

Now it’s also time to be SMART. You identify the pieces of the puzzle, the milestones of your journey and map them out in the right order.

You also create your personal strategies and daily habits for staying on track, balanced, joyful and connected to your driving force.

4. Planning in Time

This is where you break down your strategy into specific actions, schedule them in your calendar and commit to follow through. Here you are also being challenged to find a way to take care of your goals and needs in all the other areas of life while making your Impossible Goal possible. This is the first step to reaching mastery in managing yourself in time.

5. Execution

You “simply” put it all into action.
You succeed. We celebrate. You fail. We celebrate! I make sure that you both notice your wins and learn from your so called failures. Together we create the momentum.
We work on your mindset, your emotional state, your accountability, your habits, your self-awareness, your focus, tenacity and resilience.
We also face your “high achiever syndromes” that are going to show up for us for sure. You learn how you can train these dragons. You experiment and discover how to make the process of goal achievement a beautiful, joyful experience. This work is deeply transformational and gives you life-lasting results.   
You reach the state of flow. You are loving the journey. You become unstoppable.

The suggested logistics of Five Star Journey:

- duration: 12 weeks up to one year.
It depends on your individual goal and the pace that is right for you.
This is one of the things we discuss in our Discovery Call.

- weekly mentorcoaching session (one hour) on zoom or phone
The length and the frequency of the sessions can be adjusted, depending on your preferences and current needs. Sometimes we can split them into several short sessions during one week, other times you might want to have more time in between for actiontaking and implementing new insights or need a longer session to dive even deeper into particular subjects. 

- audio-recordings of our sessions
You might want to go back and listen to them again. Only you and I get access to these recording.

- follow up and support between our sessions if and when you need it – though text messages, voice messages and email

- weekly accountability check ins

- evaluation conversations (30 minutes) after every 6 weeks of the journey

- investment: from € 5.000, depending on the individually adjusted length and intensity of the journey

What makes this journey unique?

- my coaching is both goal-oriented and deeply transformational

Some coaches work with their clients towards so called SMART goals and make the coaching process about action plan and its execution. Others work purely on their client’s general personal development. There are also trainers out there that teach you specific hard or soft skills and call it coaching.
I combine all these approaches. I like working towards a tangible goal or vision – it excites me.  If you identify yourself as a Goal Achiever, I know it excites you too. This clear direction is what gets us going.
But I also know that we make our dreams come true from the inside out. In order to achieve any “impossible” goal you need to become the person who is able to do so. Which is why my coaching is not only about creating and executing a great strategy. It’s just as much – if not more – about deep inner transformation.

- it’s about not only achieving the goal, but also finding joy in the process

Life consists mostly of the journey towards our goals, not only the glorious moments when we reach them. Yet so many high achievers make the journey stressful, painful and exhausting for themselves. We might even believe that it’s a necessary price for what we want. But it isn’t!
Throughout our coaching process we constantly make sure that your journey feels like the most amazing adventure! It doesn’t mean that you won’t meet challenges. You will for sure. But you’ll be in a better state to take them, you’ll overcome them quicker and you won’t create additional ones for yourself.

And guess what: when you feel good, you achieve more! And you achieve it faster.

- holistic approach

The process of goal achievement is complex. My coaching addresses all its aspects.  
All the way we work on all so called neurological levels (environment, actions, habits, skillset, mindset, emotional state, personal values and core identities, as well as a sense of serving a higher purpose, creating or being a part of something bigger than yourself). We also make sure that the chosen, specific goal we focus on in our process is in harmony with all your other goals and needs and supports your overall life vision.

- powerful combination: coaching & mentorship

You are the biggest expert in you. As a coach I help you get full access to your expertise.
I help you hear the voice of your inner wisdom. I help you find your own answers and see things you haven’t noticed before. I hold you accountable to your best self. I don’t buy your excuses and make you recognize when your unconscious mind attempts to play tricks on you. I remind you of your superpowers in moments of struggle and self-doubt.

You are the one who sets goals for yourself. I make you doublecheck if these goals are really yours, if they are for now, if this is how they really look like and if you have a big enough Why behind them.
You are the one who takes actual steps towards them. I challenge you to do so AND to do it in a way that feels great. I facilitate your growth.

But I also have knowledge and experience that you can access and use throughout our journey to skyrocket your results. In these moments I become your mentor.
I’ve studied the art and science behind goal achievement for the last decade. I have my personal life-long experience with achieving impossible goals and I’m constantly on my way to new ones.
I’ve gone through great many struggles typical for high achievers. Overwhelm, freak-outs, imposter syndrome, “analysis paralysis”, impatience, frustration, exhaustion, burnout, you name it. I get it. I was there. Sometimes I still catch myself on falling into old patterns – these neuropaths will unfortunately always be there - but now I can recognize it quicker and I know what to do to get myself back on a way better track. I’m thriving because I practice what I preach. Every single day.
I also conduct my own qualitative research on high achievers’ weak points and how to strengthen them. It’s a part of my joyful journey to yet another impossible goal.

All this makes me a great mentor for high achievers who want to enjoy their journey, not only their destination.

On our journey together you can take as much as you want from all my knowledge, toolkit, research and experience.

- science-based practice

I’m a geek. I’m an eager student. I’m a qualitative researcher myself. I’m passionate about brainscience, psychology and coaching psychology in particular. I’ve also built an international, multidisciplinary GoalAchievers’ team of experts who I go to with specific questions.
All this helps me ensure that as much as possible in my practice with clients is backed up with academic knowledge.
I like to know that what I do really works. I like to know how it works. And I like to be able to explain it to you too in case you wonder.

tailor-made process

I don’t believe in “one size fits all”. You are unique and so will be your journey with me.  I make sure that the length of the journey and all the other logistics, as well as the coaching style and methods we choose are adjusted as much as possible to your individual, current needs and preferences.

- accountability

- I offer you tools and regular practices that are designed to help you stay on the chosen track, keep focusing on your priorities, execute your action plan, notice your progress and take precious learnings out of your experiences.

- my ability to embrace your entire vision as huge as it is

I have myself encountered so called coaches and mentors to whom my goals, visions, desires were too big to grasp. Too much to handle. So they encouraged me strongly to shrink them. They made me wrong for wanting so much. 
I don’t want it to happen to you. No goal is so big that it can intimidate me (challenge me on this!). Quite the opposite – be prepared that you might end up expanding your vision even more! 

- last, but not least: Me!

Coaching is based on a personal relationship (which in fact is a crucial coaching tool itself). It’s a PARTNERSHIP between two individuals, with their personalities, their values, their passions, their energy, their life experiences, their strengths and weaknesses, their way of communicating, their sense of humour and so much more. All these factors determine if we are a good match for each other. Chances are that if you resonate with me, I will resonate with you too – so that together we can create a great, powerful coaching relationship.

The ticket to ride:

Five Stars Journey is an exclusive, individual, premium level mentorcoaching that I only offer to five chosen clients at a time – my Five Stars. 
It’s meant for visionary, passionate high achievers:
- who want to create extraordinary results while truly enjoying the whole process
- who are ready to invest time, energy, focus and money in making their “impossible” dream come true
- who are excited about working with me and who I’m excited about working with too

Let’s talk and find out if we are meant to take this journey together!

Book your Discovery Call with me here:

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