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About Me

I’m 36, Polish by origin, Norwegian by choice, in love with a Viking, mum of two wonders Petter (5,5) and Ronja (4)… and a PROFESSIONAL GOAL ACHIEVER. 

What the heck does that mean? 
It means that my job is to make sure you do everything you can and everything you can’t (yet!) in order to achieve your most “impossible” goals. 
What’s more, I help you overcome the “high achiever syndrome” and start really enjoying the entire journey towards your goals, not only the final spectacular results. 
Discovering this new, effortless, joyful way of achieving goals is a deeply transformational process. 

My core identities are:
Explorer, Adventurer, Creative, Thought Leader, Inspirator. In addition to Achiever, of course. 

A bit of my story: 

I constantly stretch myself towards new, ambitious, courageous goals. Always have. Always will. 
It has been my thing, even my obsession as long as I can remember. Setting goals (exciting!), going for them (no matter what!) and – in most cases – actually achieving them (huraaayyy!). 
And this voracious appetite for MORE. 

This personal passion combined with a researcher nature led me to in depth studies on goal achievement and personal growth. A decade ago I started my adventure with professional coaching.  

Each year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, for great many years I was asking myself: How can I beat my own «records» this coming year? How much further can I get? What achievement would be even more amazing than everything I've done so far? What new spectacular win would at this point blow my own mind? 

And I did find a way, time and time again, to make my “impossible dreams” come true. 

People around me admired my ambition, courage, tenacity and resolve. They were often impressed with my results. They told me they also would love to have so clear goals and be able to achieve them. Some even said that they wished they were more like me. 

They didn’t realize that being me included also: 

  • sacrificing my sleep in order to get even more done in one day
    (Several times my parents switched off electricity in our flat, hoping it would force me to go to bed – but I had my secret weapon: good, old candles!) 

  • putting way more time and effort than others around me in each homework at school or task at work, way beyond expectations from my teachers or leaders – in attempt to live up to my own sky high “superhuman standards”

  • feeling like a fraud not worthy of the praise I was receiving from the outside and afraid that all my flaws, lack of knowledge, personal weaknesses will get discovered and that people will finally see what I see: that I’m not really anywhere near this hero that they think I am

  • being so tired of this challenging superhero role in all areas of my life, every single day, that I sometimes wanted to just stay in bed, hide from the whole world under the duvet, cry and shout “Leave me alone!”

  • passing out from mental, physical, emotional exhaustion – because I was pushing myself so hard in pursuit of my big, shiny goals

…and so much more frustration, stress and inner struggle. 

After bringing myself several times to the state of burnout, I started searching for a better way. I started experimenting with new approaches to goal achievement, even if they seemed counter-intuitive to me at the beginning. I started my own qualitative research, having deep conversations with other high achievers about their weak points and ways of strengthening them. I started questioning popular sayings and advices circulating out there and discovering what wisdom high achiever types should follow instead. 

Today I can proudly and happily say that I’m in love with my own journey! I’m living my dream every day, while being on the way towards my next “impossible” goals. 

Of course, there are moments when I fall into the old patterns (these neuropathways will always be there so I need to watch out!) – but now I’m able to recognize much faster what’s going on and I know how to quickly get myself back on the better track. 

This is what I want for you too. 

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