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Sat on the Rocks

Inspiration & Guidance

I’m a woman on a mission!

An important part of my own dream is to inspire as many people as possible to live the best, richest, happiest lives, on their own terms. To experience as much as possible of what this amazing world has to offer. To discover what more is possible.
There is always More… That’s what makes life a never-ending Adventure.


Are you setting up an event and looking for a speaker who could shine a new light on goal achievement?  
Would you like me to run a custom-made workshop for your team or group?
Or maybe you are searching for a guest expert who could bring extra value into your signature program, your community, show, article? 

I love sharing information and inspiration in all these ways. I'm also passionate about spreading existing academic knowledge in an easy to digest, engaging way.

Feel free to drop me an email and let's explore what I can do for you. 


Here are some of my own projects designed to guide and inspire a broader audience:

GoalAchievers' Cup of Tea
Facebook LIVE series each Monday at 11 am CET

This interactive weekly FB live is created with high achiever types in mind. Over a cup of tea we talk about how to achieve the most "impossible" goals AND enjoy the journey at the same time.
I also tend to challenge the status quo and question the advices dominating in the self-help industry, but not necessarily useful for high achievers.
I share with you both my personal reflections, the results of my research as well as very practical strategies and tool you can apply straight away. 

You can join me for a Cup of Tea on GoalAchievers' official Facebook page

«Everyday Stunts» on GoalAchievers' TV (Youtube channel)
- documentary show – in the making, coming autumn 2020
In each episode of this mini-series I try a new, extreme or unusual sport. Three rules apply: 
- I have never ever done it before
- It challenges both my body and mind

- It can be done in my area (maximum 1 h driving distance from my Norwegian home)

It's about so much more than the "stunts".
It's about discovering what more is available to you, here and now.
It's about stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring and expanding your own potential. 
It's about training your body as well as your brain. 
It's about creating adventures in your everyday life. 

@AleksinWonderworld on Instagram: 
- a simple guide to creating the best life experience on a daily basis
If your day feels a bit dull, step by for some extra inspiration. Through this collection of Instagram posts I let you in to my most personal world. I show you how I walk the talk, step by step, in my own everyday life.
I always give you a thought or question that will make you dive deeper into yourself, ignite your creativity and gently push you towards making your life even more wonderful. That’s to say: full of wonders.

I also love to share my knowledge, experience and message through guest appearances in traditional and online media, talks from big and small stages and press articles. I promise to keep you updated about them on my social media. 

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