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You aim high.
You dare to be different.
You want your life to be extraordinary.

Your Superpowers:

You are a high achiever.
In other words: one of this world’s true superheros.
Sometimes you feel like one, sometimes you absolutely don’t. But you are.

You refuse to settle for anything less than the life of your dreams.

You have a vision, a passion, a calling that you simply cannot ignore.

You take your impossible dreams seriously, and take actions to turn them into reality.

You make bold moves – fearlessly or despite the fear.

You want to stay true to yourself and live life on your own terms.  

You don’t care about the status quo.

You set high standards for each area of your life.

Okayness doesn’t satisfy you. You are on a quest to greatness.
And you define it yourself, for yourself.  

You are all about never ending growth. You can’t handle stagnation. For you it equals a slow, painful death on the inside.

You have a lust for life. You are adventurous, curious, amazed by this world and everything it has to offer. You want to experience as much as possible of it during your lifetime.

You have many goals, dreams and passions in life – and you refuse to choose.

Many people around you admire you already and are impressed by your achievements so far. However, you are hungry for more. Always. Because experiencing more, learning more, creating more, becoming more is what makes you feel alive.

Do you recognize yourself in this description?
If so, welcome home! 

Your Achilles' Heel:

Let me guess:

You would like to be a superhero all the time.
You don’t allow yourself to have weaknesses. When you catch yourself on them, you tend to get harsh with yourself.

You don’t want others to discover your weaknesses.
You might have hard time asking for help. You would like to be able to do it all by yourself.

You are a perfectionist.
You think that you need to figure it all out in your head first and have the whole plan ready before you start going. You wait with putting your work out there until it’s as perfect as you can imagine. It holds you back from taking real actions in the world and co-creating with it as you go.

You are impatient.
You would like to do it all in one go. When you don’t run for it like you would run for life, you beat yourself up. When you do run for it like crazy, you still feel that you don’t move forward fast enough. This frustrates you.

You are restless.
Literally. You forget to rest. You don’t allow yourself to relax or slow down. You are afraid that doing things just for fun, for pure pleasure, would be a waste of your precious time.
Your day is never long enough.
You are so eager to move towards them that you tend to overload yourself with the amount of simultaneous projects or actions planned for one single day. This makes you neglect other needs of your body and soul. Until you suddenly find yourself stressed, tired, miserable. If you ignore these signs, you can lead yourself into a physical, mental or emotional burn out.

Choosing away is painful for you.  
You have great many amazing ideas and would love to act on them all. You struggle with prioritising. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity. You are afraid that another one might not come.

Your biggest fear is ending up with an average life.
You are afraid that you might not live up to your full potential. That you don’t do enough or aren’t enough to achieve your impossible goals. This makes you work even more, push yourself even harder.

All that leads to the biggest paradox: your goals and dreams can exhaust you or/and stress you out.
So you wonder how you can make sure that you get there and if there is another, better way.

Have I guessed something right?
If so, I believe I can help. Please, reach out! Let’s connect and find out if and how I can support you on your extraordinary life journey.

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