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The greatest ACHIEVEMENT
is to reach your most “IMPOSSIBLE” GOALS
while feeling JOY in the JOURNEY.

You've found this website - so chances are you are an Achiever, a Go Getter, a Superhero!
You have reached quite a few Big Fat Goals before and you want to keep beating your own records - right?

Do you also at times feel exhausted by your goals and dreams?
As if they were too big and heavy to carry on your shoulders?
Do you sometimes wake up feeling like hiding from the whole world because you can’t handle yet another day of being at the top of the game?
Do you want to do so much and so fast in your life that your day, your week, your year is never long enough?
And you wonder if you can manage to do it all in one life?
Do you observe that many others around you don’t set nearly as high standards and expectations for themselves as you do, and they don’t understand your hunger for more?

I really get you.
I feel your desire to live an extraordinary life, your strong inner calling, your impatience, the overwhelm by the size and complexity of your vision, the pressure you’re putting on yourself, the loneliness of your quest towards the “Impossible”…

There was a time when I was you. A high achiever exhausted rather than elated by her goals.
And my heart goes to You because now – after great many years of studying the art and science of goal achievement and experimenting with it – I know for sure that there is an even better way.
A way that feels like an amazing, joyful journey.
A way that gives you even more energy back for the energy you put into your actions.
A way that makes you live your dream while going for your goals, not just after you’ve achieved them.
This way is surely still full of challenges – but you go through them with a thrill of excitement rather than dripping with blood, sweat and tears.

Let me show you this way.

Let’s connect.
Let’s talk.
Let’s find your unique path together. 
And let me hold your hand – or your dream - along the journey whenever you need it.

With love
(the founder, mind and soul of GoalAchievers)

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Making YOUR
come true AND making it a JOYFUL JOURNEY


Professionalisation of coaching through academic studies, new research projects and development of science-based methods


Changing Status Quo
by encouraging as many people as possible to live their lives 
to the fullest


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